• Root Beer Float Cake Recipe

    Root Beer Float Cake Recipe

    Table of Contents I. Overview II. Ingredients III. Instructions IV. Alternate recipe: 3 Ingredient root beer cake   Root Beer Cake Recipe Overview This recipe for root beer cake is a slightly modified version from Pillsbury’s 18th grand national bake...

  • slice of root beer pie

    Root 42 Root Beer Pie

    Table of Contents I. Overview II. Ingredients III. Directions   Overview This no-bake root beer pie recipe is perfect for summer gatherings, family desserts, or whenever you crave a slice of nostalgia. While many other recipes call for generic root...

  • Rumchata and root beer

    The Best Rumchata and Root Beer Recipe

    Table Of Contents I. Overview II. What is Rumchata and Root Beer Called? III. The Perfect Rumchata and Root Beer Ratio IV. Ingredients for Rumchata with Root Beer V. How to Make a Rumchata with Root Beer Float VI. Customizing...

  • Root beer and whiskey cocktail

    Root Beer and Whiskey

    Crafting the Perfect Root Beer and Whiskey Ingredients: 2 oz whiskey 6 oz Root 42 Old Time Root Beer   Instructions: Fill a glass with ice. Pour 2 oz of your preferred whiskey over the ice. For a classic take,...

  • Root beer and rum cocktail

    Rum and Root Beer

    It may be a simple cocktail, but we think you'll find that root beer tends to be an excellent mixer with rum. Caramel, spice, vanilla, and the signature root beer flavor all come together perfectly.
  • A root beer float martini on a bar

    Root Beer Float Martini

      The Classic Root Beer Float Martini Recipe Ingredients: 1 part vanilla vodka 1 part Root 42 Old Time Root Beer   Instructions: Chill Your Glass: Begin by chilling your martini glass in the freezer for about 10 minutes. A...