About Us


Welcome to New Creation!  
After a 20-year career in corporate America, and as a family, we set out to do something different.  It wasn't super clear to us what we should do, but somehow making handcrafted soda made sense.  Craft beer was too crowded with competition with too many rules and regulations.  My grandfather made root beer for my Mom when she was a young girl, and he would always stock his root cellar with cool soda from The Pop Shoppe when my family and I would travel from Mississippi to Minnesota for Christmas every year to visit all our relatives.  A very cool memory that I think had a little to do with our soda idea.  
We started by making syrups and selling them at the Watkinsville, GA farmers market.  It was an opportunity to prove our concept.  Do people really want craft soda in Georgia?  That summer of 2015 went pretty well so we decided to move forward and make one of the sodas and see if businesses would buy it.  We chose our strawberry habanero soda, made with local strawberries from Washington Farms.  Long story short, it worked, and we've added much more since then and sell into over 700 locations nationwide, including distribution in the Southeast to major chains and online wholesale to boutique retailers all across the country.  
In is an incredible privilege and honor to make something for businesses and their customers to enjoy!  Because of this, we take great care into making what we do.  The ingredients are the highest quality ingredients we can find.  REAL ingredients!  If you drink our ginger ale, we sliced that organic ginger by hand.  If you drink our strawberry habanero soda, you're putting real strawberries into your body.  We juice the berries ourselves.  And, we use pure cane sugar for sweetness.  Our root beer took 2 years to get right because we wanted it perfect for you.  See?  Whether you're buying for yourself, or for your customers, your business means something to us!  
What we value most at New Creation is our faith and our family.  Like my Dad always says, at the end of this life, you'll only have two things left...God and family.  
In some capacity, we hope you're able to take part in what our family is doing and share with your family.  There are a lot of options out there when it comes to beverages, but we'd love for you to try ours.  We think we make the best tasting craft beverages in the world.  
Thank you for your business, we really appreciate it!  - Paul