Welcome to New Creation Soda Works, a family owned and operated craft soda shop located in Bishop, Georgia. We hand craft unique sodas doing our best to deliver vastly different flavors.

Operating out of the old Thaxton's Turkey Hatchery in tiny Bishop, GA, we dream up our own secret recipes or put a twist on old classics just so our friends and our customers can enjoy a lighter, fresher alternative to conventional sodas.

Because we are surrounded by farmland, we are able to source the freshest fruits locally, sometimes even from our own garden. We work in small batches the old-fashioned way — by hand; from berry picking and fruit cutting to bottling and labeling.  We keep our ingredient list short and use as many natural ingredients as the government will allow.

We aren’t the first to make craft soda, but are joining other small companies around the country intent on creating a new generation of soda. We are following the footsteps of our hand-crafted beer brewing friends and believe the path is just as wide and long for hand-crafted soda.

Every day we grow as a family, working hard, having fun, and doing our best to use the talents God has given us to do what He has called us to do. We hope in some way, you will join us on our journey.