Looking for a fun and creative way to bring something unique to your wedding or special event? May we suggest…a mobile beverage bar from New Creation?  Handcrafted Nadaritas on tap, cocktails, mocktails, or ice cream float bar with our premium sodas.   It’s a personalized, magical, drink machine just for your day!   

Want the best tasting, highest quality margaritas you can find on tap for your adult guests?  How about a variety of ice cream float flavors to keep the kids busy during a wedding celebration?  We’ll take care of them both!  We can even work with you to create a custom signature drink menu based on your theme.   

If you’re loving the idea of parking a party right there at your reception, rehearsal dinner, bridal shower—all of ’em!—then get excited and contact us!  Paul@newcreationsoda.com  (706) 424-4063.