Root Beer and Wintergreen

By Anthony Canolo

Is Root Beer Wintergreen Flavored?

Root beer's unique taste often sparks the question: "Is root beer wintergreen flavored?" This classic beverage's minty notes are primarily attributed to wintergreen, a common ingredient in some root beer recipes. For example, Root 42 Old Time Root Beer includes wintergreen, but not in a forward way.

Why is Root Beer Minty?

The minty flavor in root beer, sometimes likened to toothpaste due to the shared use of wintergreen, varies among brands and recipes. While some people detect a strong wintergreen presence, others might not notice it at all, making the taste subjective.

The Essence of Classic Root Beer

Classic root beer is a complex mix of roots, herbs, and spices, with each brewer's recipe adding a unique twist. This complexity leads to the diverse flavor profiles of root beer, where wintergreen is just one of many notes.

"Root Beer Tastes Like Toothpaste!"

The comparison between root beer and toothpaste arises from the use of wintergreen in both. However, this association is more about personal perception than a universal truth, as not everyone will make this connection.


So, is root beer wintergreen flavored? It can be, but it's not a definitive characteristic of all root beers. The perception of a minty taste is subjective and varies based on individual taste and the specific root beer brand. For Root 42, we've crafted the complex layering of flavors in such a way that keeps the wintergreen as an understated finishing note. In other words, delicious, and, ahem, NOT toothpaste flavored.