Assorted Craft Soda 4 pk

Assorted Craft Soda 4 pk

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This assorted 4 pack includes 1 of each of our 4 distinctive flavors:

Fresh, ripe strawberry blast in the beginning, with a tart brightness in the middle and a warm finish. Light bodied and crisp.

Like a Spring morning, refreshingly floral, citrusy and earthy with a just the right bite of ginger. Light bodied and crisp.

Creamy and buttery with caramel, vanilla, and pecan notes. Medium body with a silky mouthfeel and surprisingly crisp.

Root 42
Heavy bodied, creamy and silky with deep caramel and vanilla notes, mellow sassafras flavor and a clean wintergreen finish.


Purified Water, pure cane sugar, natural rootbeer extract, natural pecan flavor, lemon juice,  sodium benzoate, natural acidifier

4 Pack